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Diesel Generator Rental in UAE

“We Supply on Hire and Sell Wide range of Generators from 5kVA to 1500 kVA of various brands namely Perkins / CAT / Cummins / Kirloskar / Honda”

Product Overview
  • We Supply on Hire and Sell Wide range of Generators from 5kVA to 1500 kVA
  • We also offer Annual Maintenance Contract for Standby Generators
  • We currently have in stock over 250 Generators.

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Diesel generators are extremely important equipment that generate energy via the combustion of diesel fuel. A diesel generator generates electrical energy by combining the power of a diesel engine with that of an electric generator. Electricity is generated by such devices by the use of a mixture of an electric generator and an internal combustion. During the combustion process, diesel generators transform a portion of the chemistry energy available inside the diesel fuel to mechanical energy. This mechanical power is then used to turn a motor, which results in the production of electricity.

Diesel generators are used in a variety of business settings and have a wide range of applications. They also have many applications across a wide range of sectors. And so, a diverse range of diesel generators with changing capacities is applied in a wide variety of businesses and sectors. We at UR Group, UAE are devoted to offering high-quality diesel generator rental to customers.

We offer comprehensive solutions with construction grade diesel generator hire with professional capabilities. We have an advanced fleet of equipment comprising of high-quality features for customers in real estate sector, construction industry and other verticals requiring efficient machines on demand. We know that a power breakdown can create a severe loss to production and operations. Our trained technical staff is equipped with the best resources to reach your jobsite with the back-up power requirements.

Check out our diesel generators rental rates to get the best value for money during emergency situations. When you choose our diesel generator hire services you will additionally get more assistance during a blackout or a sudden power outage.

Highlights of Our Diesel Generators Hire Services

1. Engines are compatible with diesel as a fuel.

2. Our inventory has a wide range of diesel generator rental machines from 5kVA to 1500 kVA capacity.

3. Currently, customers can choose from nearly 250 diesel generators under the age of 0 to 3 years.

4. Technicians are well-versed with the latest technology to offer fuel efficiency and lower emissions. They cater to your custom output voltage targeting the right diesel generator rental service.

5. We source machines from the best global manufacturers like Volvo, CAT, Cummins, FG Wilson.

You can depend on us for all industrial and commercial requirement of any diesel generator hire for planned projects or emergencies.

Our rental equipment come with 24x7 support from the engineering team. For all technical assistance get in touch with us. Every generator is put through its paces on predefined guideline before being made available for rental at the customer's location.

Additional information: -

1. It is the most fuel-efficient available in its class.

2. It has a low total cost of expensive

3. The models are designed to be compact and useful

4. High dependability with minimal maintenance requirements.

5. Long-term repairs are performed.

The diesel generators hire is quality authorised, which assures high performance. It may be utilised in a variety of parameters, including businesses, residences, and other locations. The supplied generator is well-known for its fuel efficiency and ease of installation, among other qualities. The potential to maintain timeliness and quality in the assortment, as well as the provision of cost-effective solutions and the guarantee of prompt fulfilment of orders made by clients, have all contributed to our inclusion on the list of top-notch firms in the sector.

What we have done

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ADGM Square Winter Cafe Event 2019 - Abudhabi

The Fight DXB Uncovered 2019 (Emirates Golf Club)

Dance Arena - Atelier Music Festival

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