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Best Power Cables Suppliers in Sharjah

We Manufacture & Supply best quality power cables, power distribution boxes and accessories in Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE.

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With our wide variety of generator rentals, we can provide the necessary power generation equipment to ensure the event of your next mission critical facility is a success

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Power Distribution Boxes in Sharjah

A power cable is defined as an insulated electrical conductor that is used for the transmission of electricity or electrical energy. Power cables are of different types. They can either be high tension power cables or low tension power cables. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within the buildings, buried underground, run overhead, or exposed to atmospheres. Depending on the needs and requirements power cables are manufactured and supplied. We are the leading power cables suppliers in Sharjah that have been in the cabling business for ages. We manufacture power cables, power distribution accessories UAE as well as power distribution boxes in Sharjah that have perfect design and have the highest quality standards in safety.

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Our facilities meet high security requirements and are certified to the highest local standards.

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Types Of Power Cables We Manufacture

  • High Voltage cables
  • Medium Voltage cables
  • Specialty cables
  • LSF/LSFZ cables
  • Wiring cables
  • Fire resistance cable
  • Instrumentation cable
  • PVC flexible cables

Besides This We Also Manufacture

Power Distribution Boxes In Sharjah

In case you are searching for the best power distribution boxes in Sharjah then you search ends with us. We are top-notch power distribution box suppliers in Sharjah. As the leading power distribution box supplier, we supply all types of distribution boxes like LV panels, SMDBs, automatic transfer switches with and without bypass, feeder’s pillars and LCPs, DC distribution boards, and final distribution boards (namely row type, single or multi-split configuration).

Power Distribution Accessories

As a reputed power distribution accessories supplier throughout UAE and Sharjah, we have a dedicated team of expert electrical engineers who with their knowledge and experience will help you with the ideal solutions for real complex electrical problems. Our installation engineers will help you with the quick installation of the power distribution accessories UAE. Not only this will have we also looked after the support and maintenance activity of power distribution boxes in UAE, and accessories as well.

What Makes Our Power Distribution Accessories UAE Different From Others?

  • Extended service life: - Power cables that we supply have extended life service as they are designed and manufactured as per the requirement demand and usability. These cables undergo product testing with certified cable product engineers who label them tested ok only then it is ready for sale in the market.
  • Fire resistance: - These cables have a high melting point hence they cannot melt easily by atmospheric temperature or fire. It is fire resistant as the cables we supply do not melt or drip on heating. The insulation material used by us is strong which makes it fireproof.
  • Efficient in transmission: - We do research and complex mathematical calculations before supplying power cables. This is the reason why we can build and manufacture the most advanced and efficient power cables that are efficient in the transmission of electrical energy.

Applications of Power Cables Suppliers in Sharjah

Power cables can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used as a building application for historical areas like churches, temples, museums, libraries, & public outdoor lighting. We can also use its safety and fire applications in cinemas and theaters, airports, underground, hospitals, and commercial centers. It can be used for industrial applications in refineries and oil platforms, gas works, pharmaceutical plants, paint factories, and chemical facilities. Power cables play important role in the metallurgical iron and steel industry, heat treatment of materials, foundries, nuclear power plants, and ships.

It is always recommended that one should consult with the power cable experts so that they can understand your needs, and offer you the best power cables that solve your electricity transmission needs efficiently.

What we have done

Canal Garden Market Event 2019, (DSC)

ADGM Square Winter Cafe Event 2019 - Abudhabi

The Fight DXB Uncovered 2019 (Emirates Golf Club)

Dance Arena - Atelier Music Festival

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