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Events Accessories in Dubai

We Design & Provide tailor made packages for all types of event equipment rental including: concerts & festivals, sporting events, Industrial Exhibition, Government Exhibition (like Defense Expo, Aviation Show, Trade shows)etc.

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With our wide variety of generator rentals, we can provide the necessary power generation equipment to ensure the event of your next mission critical facility is a success

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XL-21 Power Boxes

Events Accessories

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4 Sqmm 1 Core Copper Cable

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Fuel Tank

Events Accessories

Events Accessories in UAE

UR Group is one of the topnotch manufacturers of events accessories in UAE. Event accessories are used all across the world for different events. We have a wide range of accessories for a variety of events. Our events accessories in Dubai are very popular because they are very efficient. We also offer events accessories in Sharjah; in case you want to rent or but some for your event.

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More About Events Accessories in Sharjah

Event accessories include a wide range of products used to run an event. Events accessories in UAE, like electrical boxes, power distribution accessories and many more are used widely for the events. We have a varied range of events accessories in UAE to meet the requirements of different event organizers. Being one of the power cable suppliers in Sharjah, we use the top-quality material to make the power cables for the clients. Event accessories are a very eminent part of running a successful event. A lot depends on the functionality of the event accessories, for example, the kind of event accessories used determine the success of an event. If the accessories are reliable and efficient, the event functions smoothly. Thus, it is very important to buy good quality events accessories in Dubai. If you want to get power distribution boxes in Sharjah or other events accessories in Sharjah, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Here’s Why You Should Consider UR Group:

Super Safe

Safety of the event accessories is our top priority. We make sure that we manufacture topnotch events accessories in UAE that are absolutely safe to use. All the power distribution accessories UAE as well as other event accessories are designed in a very safe environment. We follow all the necessary and important security guidelines to make and supply only the safest events accessories in Dubai, Sharjah and other places. We have acquired all the safety certifications that are needed to make and supply events accessories in UAE. Most importantly, we keep checking the event accessories on several security measures to make sure that they are absolutely safe to use.

A Wide Variety of Event Accessories

One of the other major reasons that have made us one of the most preferred event accessories suppliers is that we have a wide range of accessories for different events. We are a one stop shop for a variety of event accessories for the events across the world. We offer customized event accessories as per the needs of the clients as well.

Guidance and Support

UR Group has an inhouse team of event accessories experts that can offer guidance to the clients to buy the most efficient event accessories for their events. Also, we offer support and assistance whenever required. If you have any specific requirements or if you need help in deciding which event accessories are required, please feel free to let us know you requirements and we will be more than happy to guide you.

To know more about event accessories, please reach out to our team.

What we have done

Canal Garden Market Event 2019, (DSC)

ADGM Square Winter Cafe Event 2019 - Abudhabi

The Fight DXB Uncovered 2019 (Emirates Golf Club)

Dance Arena - Atelier Music Festival

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